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The broad reach of our publications has helped to establish ARC Financial Corp. as an authoritative source of information in the Canadian oil and gas business.

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ARC Energy Charts

In 2002, the research group at ARC began publishing a weekly column called ARC Energy Charts. It was a simple idea: to help stakeholders in the oil and gas industry, especially the Canadian industry, get a quick snapshot of key indicators through a series of simple and descriptive charts. In addition, a weekly, upfront commentary served as a thought-provoking column on current events. Today, ARC Energy Charts is distributed to approximately 2,500 readers.

Read ARC's latest Energy Charts commentary at the ARC Energy Ideas website


Fiscal Pulse Q1 2015

ARC Financial updated its proprietary fiscal pulse model to reflect the economic health of Canada’s upstream oil and gas industry. The report examines expected revenue, cash flow, profitability, investment and oilfield activity.

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The End of Energy Obesity

In the follow-up to the bestselling book A Thousand Barrels a Second, Peter Tertzakian's The End Of Energy Obesity puts the world's energy problem in perspective. He reveals the steps we can take to slow the upward trend of global energy consumption while still growing our economy and improving our standard of living.

A Thousand Barrels a Second

In his bestselling book A Thousand Barrels a Second, ARC’s Peter Tertzakian provides a timely and strategic perspective on global oil issues – our society’s addiction to it, the history, and, importantly, implications for the future. As a geophysicist and economist, Tertzakian is uniquely poised to discuss the insights that this generation will need in order to navigate through a looming crisis.