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Areas of Investment

ARC Financial Corp.'s core focus is the upstream segment of the Canadian oil and gas industry.

Within the upstream oil and gas sector, we invest in growth strategies to explore, acquire and develop crude oil and natural gas reserves and production. We are also active investors in companies that provide vital services and equipment to the upstream sector. We do not make investments in the oilsands.

Typically our investment is at the formative or early stage of the value creation process to capture and develop a portfolio of opportunities that offer the potential for multiple returns on capital.

ARC is active in the following areas of investment:

Established and emerging resource plays and select conventional plays are providing tremendous opportunities for growth. This potential is being unlocked by the application of innovative new drilling and completion technologies, most notably horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracturing.

Established and Emerging Resource Plays

Our investment focus in this area is to finance the capture of opportunity and initial development activities. A range of strategies is employed, from the purchase of Crown lands, to joint ventures or farm-ins, to the acquisition of conventional assets that have under-recognized resource potential. Canada has a very active transaction market for the sophisticated buyer to acquire assets at attractive valuations, and that provide under-recognized upside such as resource play potential or a substantial inventory of probable reserves.

Select Conventional Plays

Canada has an abundance of hydrocarbon resources, including those from conventional deposits. Our investment focus in this area targets oil and natural gas reservoirs that have redevelopment potential and large remaining resource in-place. Notably, the plays of interest would be those that can be developed commercially with vertical wells, enhanced oil recovery methods and horizontal drilling with multi-stage fracture technology. The strategies to capture the opportunity would be similar to those described for emerging resource plays.

Oilfield Services

Canada’s oilfield service industry is recognized as a global leader in technical innovation. Hundreds of companies of all sizes are providing services and equipment to an upstream industry that invests approximately $55 - $65 billion annually in oil and gas exploration and development activities. Our focus is to identify and finance those companies that are differentiated by technology and/or that have exposure to growing areas of the business that are capacity constrained. Examples of such opportunities are the advancing technologies in horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracturing that are driving the development of resource plays.