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Industry Focus

Focus Area

ARC Financial Corp. is focused on the Canadian oil and gas industry.

The Canadian oil and gas industry provides ARC with the ability to selectively provide capital to a broad range of opportunities. Some of the key attributes that make Canada a uniquely attractive jurisdiction to invest in oil and gas include:

  • Size and scale
    • An enormous resource endowment that is expanding with the emergence of new world class resource plays in shale gas and tight oil
    • One of the world’s largest oil and gas producers with current output in the range of 6.8 MMBOE/d
    • Average annual revenues in excess of $100 billion
    • Average annual investment of $40 - $50 billion per year to grow reserves and production
  • $10 - $15 billion of new equity raised annually to finance this growth
  • A healthy open market economy and supportive capital markets
  • Strong rule of law and stable politics
  • Highly competitive fiscal regimes
  • An abundant talent pool of entrepreneurs, executives and technical professionals to drive business success